Steering wheels MRS pro DD2



The MRS Formula line is Rothmans’ range of multifunctional steering wheels, designed and hand-assembled for various racing car models. Our MRS Formula DD2 version is tailored for karts equipped with Rotax DD2 engines and Mychron5 lap timers, available in Ø340 and black color. We offer customization options, including different colors and sizes (Ø300 or Ø320) upon request. Feel free to contact us for more details.

Features as follows:

Light aluminium hollow frame
Non-slip exchangeable racing hand grips (*)
Front carbon fiber dashboard
Ergonomic motor-ON (black) and motor-OFF (red) momentary push buttons
Start/Stop LED illuminated (red&blue) latching push button
Compatible with 3 and 6 hole steering bracket systems
Ø340 x 185mm
Suitable for indoor and outdoor racing (IP65).
DD2 version comes with a dedicated wiring for plug-in it to the side button of the kart.
(Lap timer not included)

(*): MRS-Pro Grips are produced with an electrostatic dissipative blend specifically formulated by Rothmans, with tailored properties in between rubber, plastic and “Alcantara” synthetic leather.  MRS-Pro Grips feature high abrasion, chemical/antimicrobial/ fungal and UV resistance, while delivering high comfort and grip even under rainy racing sessions.
(**) MRS are NOT suitable for official CIK-FIA racing events (see details below)
According Art.2.12 from CIK-FIA sporting regulations, steering wheels should feature a circumference shape where eventually “…The upper and lower 1/3 of the circumference may be straight or of a different radius to the rest of the wheel.” Since MRS design goes beyond this 1/3 threshold, the MRS won´t be accepted during any CIK/FIA scrutineering pre/post racing check.


Two additional momentary push buttons
Two (2positions &/or 3positions) rotary switches
Rothmans angled aluminium impact damper (15º)

REMARK: Lap timer is NOT included. It must be ordered separately.

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