At Rothmans Engineering, we bring our expertise in electrification to the world of karting. Only here you will find:

Power Kits: Already own a kart? Fed up with mechanical issues? Electrify your kart with Rothmans Engineering’s cutting-edge power kits. Explore our TRACK – 50Ah and EVO – 100Ah versions designed to meet your power and range needs.

Kart Chassis: Explore our selection of kart chassis from various manufacturers, available in mini or junior/senior sizes. Choose one of our power kits, precisely crafted to satisfy your craving for the electric thrill.

Accessories: Alongside our kits, delve into our expanded selection of accessories to optimize your kart’s performance. Discover our decal kits inspired by Jackson Storm, the electric car in the movie “Cars 3,” imparting a cinematic touch to your kart’s slipstream.

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