Welcome to Rothmans Engineering, where we bring cutting-edge electric mobility to life. Our team thrives on crafting advanced, sustainable solutions for two- and four-wheel vehicles, working alongside some of the biggest names in the industry. From high-performance bicycles and motorcycles to innovative electric karts, we’re all about pushing the limits of what electric vehicles can do.

Custom solutions

We develop our own electronic technologies that optimize power management and performance, making sure each project is as unique as our clients’ needs. This tailored approach helps us ensure that every vehicle isn’t just efficient but a joy to ride.

But we don’t just stop at custom projects. Our passion for electric mobility has inspired us to create our own range of products. Drawing from our experiences, we’ve developed everything from electric kart kits to bespoke steering wheels and transmission kits. These are designed not only to meet the high standards of the track but also to help anyone looking to convert their ride into an eco-friendly powerhouse.

Explore the future of electric mobility with Rothmans Engineering. We’re more than just engineers – we’re your partners in redefining the way the world moves.

Research and Development at rothmans engineering

At Rothmans Engineering, each project starts with a strategic approach designed to integrate seamlessly into our clients’ operations. We aim to optimize the entire development process.

Streamlined Team Coordination
We assemble specialized engineering, purchasing, and logistics teams to reduce costs and shorten development times. This coordinated effort guarantees on-schedule delivery of functional prototypes for both electric and internal combustion models.

Comprehensive Value Chain Services
Our services are customized to meet our clients’ diverse needs:

  • Strategic and Technological Consulting: We help clients choose the most effective solutions, ensuring well-informed, strategic decisions.
  • Product Development: By employing the DFMA approach, we optimize time and costs from the start, enhancing efficiency and simplifying manufacturing.
  • Prototype Construction: We build prototypes within the initial budget, maintaining financial transparency and feasibility.
  • Industrialization: Leveraging our vast experience and network, we speed up the process and reduce delays, improving time-to-market without sacrificing quality.

At Rothmans Engineering, we don’t just develop products; we perfect them, ensuring flawless execution from concept to completion.