Steering wheels MRS formula Ligier JS50


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This MRSformula is the Rothmans multifunctional steering wheel that fits the Ligier JS 50 light vehicles, manufactured in Europe like our steering wheel. Features: Ergonomic non-slip MRS-Pro grips Lightweight aluminum main frame with a 6-degree anti-impact plate Carbon fiber front cover Two-color LED bi-color Start/Stop push button with interlocking Momentary push buttons for power on (black) and power off (red) Ø322 x 185mm (width x height) (*): MRS-Pro grips are manufactured using a specific anti-static material formulated by Rothmans, with customized properties blending rubber, plastic, and synthetic leather or “Alcantara”. MRS-Pro grips exhibit high resistance to abrasion, chemicals/antimicrobials/fungi, and UV rays, while providing great comfort and grip even during rainy racing sessions. Options: Two additional momentary push buttons (available colors: black, blue, red, or yellow) Two rotary switches (2-position and/or 3-position) Rothmans aluminum impact damper panel (tilted at 15º) Chronometer/Lap-Timer NOT INCLUDED (sold separately)

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