eKart Kit Track




TRACK pro kits are the best fit for any CIK-FIA Mini karting racing frame.

They include a single gear eTORK reduction, plug&play wiring harness, drive by wire eThrottle compatible with any go-kart gas pedal,  dedicated universal brackets for durable and safe fastening and our patented quick-swap sprocket system.
They also include our Fast Battery Exchange System (FBES) for one battery module, and a MRS pro steering wheel with swappable soft grip handles.

TRACK kits can also be used on Rental go-karts for amateur fun racing, although we recommend two or three batteries set up with FBES for best operational efficiency.

Contact us for details and purchasing options.

Battery: 2,4 kWh (50 Ah)
Max Power: 4,0 kW
Charger: OFF board


  • CIK/FIA frame ready bracket system
  • Wiring harness and wiring mounting plate
  • Rothmans redundant p4W eThrottle (by wire)
  • Kill switch and kill switch board
  • eTORK (single gear)
  • Quick swap eSprocket (Z28, Z30, Z32 or Z34)
  • Front sprocket (z13)
  • BRM air filtering enclosure
  • Single Fast Battery Exchange System
  • MRS eKART pro
  • eSprocket (z28, z30, z32 or z34)


  • BRM 48V Motor with Intake Air Filtering
  • RESS (1 x 2,4kWh)
  • Vehicle Control Unit
  • DCDC 12VDC-48VDC
  • Off-Board 1200W charger