R+800 eBike Headlight


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Rothmans R+800 eBike Headlight: the lightest in the Rothmans Electric lineup*.

Why to choose R+800?

  • – Enhanced safety on your rides, day or night, thanks to its exceptional 800 lm/200 lux illumination.
  • Maintenance-free peace of mind: our headlights connect directly to your eBike battery, always ready for action.
  • – Built to last: crafted with German LED technology and CNC-anodized aluminum housings for durability and performance.
  • – Featherlight at just 100 g, ensuring it won’t interfere with your eBike’s handling.
  • – Versatile as it can be connected to any power supply ranging from 12V to 60V. 
  • Additionally, it is 
  • – Homologated for PLEV, EPAC, eBike, and moped (L1eA/B) use.

Join our satisfied customers: “Since I installed the R+800 on my electric bike, I can’t ride without it. Even for short trips around the neighborhood, I feel safer and more comfortable. Rothmans has made biking a rewarding and secure habit.” – Testimonial from a satisfied customer.

Experience the difference with Rothmans R+800 eBike Headlight and make your eBike rides safer and more frequent.

The Rothmans Electric range includes the R+800 headlight, as well as the dual-mode (low beam/high beam) models R+1000 (from 129€) for motorcycles and the R+1500 (from 249€) for eBikes and motorcycles.

Rothmans Electric: Brighter lights, safer rides.

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0) Plain versión, 1) Support for Ø1" (25.4mm) steering tube, 2) Support for Ø1-1/8” (28,6mm) tube, 3) Support for Ø1-1/4” (31.8mm) tube, 4) Universal handlebar clamp mount

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