FBES system




A particularly interesting option for endurance racing, rental tracks, as well as long training days, our proprietary FBES makes it possible to swap each traction battery module in seconds

Each battery module is tightly attached to the frame by two pair of rubber mounted hooks acting perpendicular to each other, and secured by one additional quick clamp system to ensure that the battery fixation withstands any forces that may occur during the race

This rubber-floating fastening principle enables our FBES to achieve two major benefits over traditional rigid fastening methods.
First, inner cells and electronics are isolated from high frequency and low amplitude vibrations coming from the track, so its lifetime is extended

Second, all mid-voltage electric components are isolated from the frame, so the driver is always protected from potential discharges even in the event of a crash

Our FBES fulfils the FIA AEC 2020 regulations (art. for Fast Battery Exchange Systems

FBES is only available for Rothmans TRACK and EVO racing kits, as well as for BOSCH “Young Star” kits

Rothmans MASTER kits can only be fitted with a FBES if the two left battery packs are bolted together