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Discover the edge with MRSpro’s Custom Racing Steering Wheels, designed specifically for high-performance vehicles in competitive racing.

These modular steering wheels are tailored for optimal integration with popular data acquisition systems such as Mychron5, Alfano6, Starlane Corsaro, and Unipro Unigo 7006. Moreover, custom configurations for other lap-timers are available upon request.


Ergonomic non-slip MRS-Pro grips

Lightweight aluminum main frame with a 6-degree impact-damper plate

Carbon fiber front cover (therefore not suitable for CIK-FIA official karting races)

Two-color LED bi-color Start/Stop push button with interlocking

Momentary push buttons for power on (black) and power off (red)

Specific design for Mychron 5/5-2T, Alfano EVO III pro, and Unipro UniGo 7006 (not included)

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

Compatible with most karting engines (IAME, Vortex, Rotax, etc….)

Compatible with 6-hole steering hub systems (OTK type). For other systems, please inquire.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor racing (IP65)

Ø302 mm x 189 mm or Ø322 x 185mm (width x height)

We produce dedicated versions of MRSpro Custom Racing Steering Wheels for the most popular lap timers in the racing world, such as MyChron 5S, MyChron 5S 2T, Starlane Corsaro II R & Pro, Unipro Unigo, Alfano Pro III EVO, and Alfano6.

Lap timer not included by default. Must be selected in the configurator or purchased separately.

MRSpro Custom Racing Steering Wheels are not approved for official races under CIK-FIA karting regulations (see details below)

(*) MRS-Pro grips are manufactured using a specific anti-static material formulated by Rothmans, with customized properties blending rubber, plastic, and synthetic leather or “Alcantara”. MRS-Pro grips exhibit high resistance to abrasion, chemicals/antimicrobials/fungi, and UV rays, while providing great comfort and grip even during rainy racing sessions.

(**) According to Article 2.12 of the CIK-FIA Sporting Regulations, steering wheels must have a circular shape where eventually “…the upper and lower 1/3 of the circle may be straight or of a radius different from the rest of the wheel.” Since the MRS design goes beyond this 1/3 threshold, the MRS will not be accepted during any pre- or post-race verification checks by CIK/FIA.


Rothmans aluminum impact damper panel (tilted at 15º)

Universal impact damper (3 holes, 6 holes LK70-74, 6 holes OTK)

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Alfano 3 Evo, Alfano6, Mychron5, Starlane Corsaro Pro, Starlane Corsaro R, Unipro 7006


300 mm, 320 mm


Black, Orange, White


No, Yes