Alfano6 1T LAP Timer




Boost your performance with the Alfano6 1T Lap Timer, the apex of data acquisition technology. Armed with three advanced GPS systems—American GPS, Russian Glonass, and European Galileo—this timer delivers unmatched precision in measuring lap times, speed, and trajectory.

Advanced Technical Features:
  • High-Resolution Display: Experience clear and adaptable viewing on a 268 x 128-pixel display with adjustable backlighting and an ambient light sensor, perfect for any light condition.
  • Extensive Circuit Database: Gain access to data on over 2,527 circuits, ensuring you’re always prepared, wherever you compete.
  • Customizable Displays: Customize five screens to show essential metrics like lap times, temperatures, and speeds, tailoring the data to suit your racing needs.
  • Configurable LEDs: Set up six LED indicators to receive visual cues for speed changes, temperature alerts, or record-breaking lap times, thus refining your strategic approach.
  • Durable Battery Life: Rely on the long-lasting rechargeable lithium battery for extensive monitoring during prolonged racing sessions.
  • Speed Sensor: Additionally, the included speed sensor helps perfect gear shifts, a key factor in optimizing track performance
Connectivity and Compatibility:
  • Seamless Bluetooth Integration: Effortlessly download data or update firmware via Bluetooth from the Alfano website, ensuring your tech stays ahead.
  • Pro3 Evo Sensor Compatibility: Moreover, enhance your analytics by pairing the timer with Pro3 Evo sensors for expanded data insights.
Comparison again its rivals

For a side-by-side comparison with other models, visit our lap-timer comparison guide. Choose the Alfano6 1T Lap Timer if you seek the finest in racing technology. Its comprehensive features and reliable performance are designed to improve every aspect of your racing experience.