Descubre los Mejores LapTimers para moto/scooter/Kart en esta comparativa. MyChron5S, Alfano6 y Starlane Corsaro II (R y Pro). Elige el mejor para ti aquí!

Comparison of Timing Systems for Karting and Motorcycling

In this report, we delve into the most prominent Lap Timers on the market: the MyChron 5S, the Alfano 6, and the Starlane Corsaro (in its II R and II Pro versions).

Our goal is to provide you with detailed information about these essential tools for modern motorcycle/racing, whether on a bike, scooter, or kart.

We will explore their features and prices to assist you in making a decision based on your needs and preferences.

Choose the Lap Timer that best suits your driving style and track objectives, and start your journey into the world of high-performance telemetry.

Download it here.

Happy time measuring!