Bango Racing Cars BRC B59

Bango Racing Cars: an expert in winning races

A story of overcoming, persistence, and success that deserves to be told.

In the heart of Asturias, from a modest factory in Langreo, emerges a story that embodies the spirit of mountain motorsport. Bango Racing Cars (BRC), under the vision and direction of Jesús Bango, has shown that passion, combined with ingenuity and dedication, can overcome any obstacle.

BRC is not just a competition car manufacturer; it’s a dream come true that has placed Langreo on the map of European motorsport. Jesús Bango, with his determination and experience, has made BRC synonymous with success, offering race-ready cars known for their outstanding quality/price ratio. And he sells them all over Europe. Like Rothmans Engineering’s MRSformula, each BRC car is made to measure, allowing customers to choose from different engines and a long list of options, including various MRSformula configurations. Prices will depend on the chosen options, providing unprecedented customization in the world of motorsport.

The impact of BRC on Langreo goes beyond the realm of motorsport. This project has demonstrated how innovation and entrepreneurial spirit can transform communities and break stereotypes, providing hope and a sense of achievement that goes beyond the race tracks. The connection between Rothmans Engineering (R+E) and BRC happened by chance. Javi Villa, an exceptional driver, selflessly helped us when we were developing our first electric kart kits at Rothmans. Seeing the MRS eKart wheel we had created, he encouraged us to make custom wheels for racing cars and facilitated our meeting with Jesús Bango. That link culminated in the development of our MRSformula wheel and its installation in the BRC59, with which Villa and BRC won a new Spanish championship.

As we look to the future, excitement is in the air. The shared successes of the past make us dream of what is to come. Although it’s still early to reveal all the details, we look forward with excitement to what the future may hold in our collaboration with BRC.

Discover the meritorious story of BRC and its incredible race cars – competitive in every aspect – that do nothing but win races away from the spotlight: