At Rothmans Engineering, we’ve gone mad – bike after bike, moto a moto!.

We specialize in the wild world of electric vehicle engineering projects, primarily for motorcycle manufacturers and start-ups. Whether guiding the entire process or swooping in 24/7 to tackle any development challenge, from design chaos to mass production madness, we’ve got it covered. And yes, it’s been quite a few years in therapy for us.

As our psychiatrist advised a dash of sanity, we unleashed our brilliance on designing LED lighting systems for ebikes. So, for those of you (the un-insane, we assume) who splurged on an electric bike sans lights, ride in style and safety at all hours with our powerful creations.

But that’s not all. We’ve concocted mind-blowing electric power kits for karts, featuring an F1 design-type steering wheel. And now, the insanity extends to tailor variations of that design for racing cars of any kind.

Welcome to our world. Dive deeper into the madness – sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram. It’s worth it – we promise.


  • Let there be light
    As creators of illuminating solutions (for eBikes, motorcycles, and micro-cars), we often find ourselves in a radiant dialogue. No matter how much we immerse ourselves in “copyrighting,” our industry jargon can sometimes dim the clarity. Picture this: when shedding light on a lighting system for your eBike, terms like lumens, lux, and candelas may brighten… Read more: Let there be light
  • Rothmans Electric and ITAinnova Shine at Motorland
    On October 30, 2023, we conducted a joint testing session with ITAinnova (Centro Tecnológico de Aragon) at the short track of Motorland in Alcañiz, with the assistance of a very professional team of Motorland technicians. This was the very first time ITAinnova and Rothmans Electric, collaborating on the development of an innovative powertrain for two… Read more: Rothmans Electric and ITAinnova Shine at Motorland
  • New website
    Our new website reflects our dedication to excellence in every aspect. We have worked tirelessly to create a digital space that is intuitive, informative, and aesthetically appealing. Exploring our wide range of racing wheels and accessories is now easier than ever. From cutting-edge competition wheels to customizable products that cater to your unique needs, our… Read more: New website